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We are a team of dating site pros who gathered together by sharing similar stories, both positive and negative, from our years of experience on adult dating sites. Our purpose is to create an extensive database of online reviews that will make your adult dating choices more pleasurable, improve your online time management and help you make smart sex finding investments. We would like to unselfishly share lessons learned since we know exactly what you are after and where to find it. Instead of spending hours and making costly mistakes by joining a service that may not be up to your standards read our top ratings and descriptions to know what awaits you at hundreds, and even thousands of puzzling new links.

If you have been nosy, you already know that new dating finders pop-up daily and online adult dating is getting more popular.

Not only will we bring you the best out there by targeting awesome stuff but we will also eliminate the unnecessary outmoded judgement that goes along this modern approach to meeting new people.

Many people have a lot of questions about online dating and due to the awkward social disapproval that (still!) accompanies hookup sites, they are nervous to ask and don’t know where to look for answers. We totally dig that stigma may not be that pleasant as our team of editors have tasted the bitter pill on their own. This is exactly why we keep it private, stay away from disclosing identities and respect the privacy of our users and our dating community. 

When you read our reviews you will be both excited and relieved. You will see that millions of people share the same desires. You will ease on the caution and start making some daring choices. The only thing you can lose by reading your dating reviews is your adult dating anxiety.

Our editors went through the fire for you (mostly in a good way) and share a new sexy story every day. The number of women that one of our guys dated is unbelievable – he can be called both a top-class womanizer and a pro-sinner, depends whose take it is! We trust him by the word and, pardon the cliche, but he is our sex guru for adult dating sites. He swears by Milfaholic and Fling, and he confessed that Instabang, Snapsext and Local Milf Selfies complete his personal top five.

There, now you know where to start!

Hopefully, you will find all that you need from the content that is already here. In case we have missed something, feel free to shout and ping us at contact@top20adultdating.com.