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Today I’m here to cover a very serious topic. I’m talking about escort websites, specifically, one of the worst out there. It’s called Erotic Monkey and it’s possible that it’s a bad escort review site. Which is why you need to read this review to find out. As you know, specializes in things like this, so there is no reason why you should not at least read this review in full then make a decision to use it or not. I’ve covered it all below.

Erotic Monkey Reviews

Erotic Monkey Review: Is It A Rip Off?

There are lots of ways that you can pay for sex. There’s nothing wrong with it at all. In fact, everyone on the planet pays for sex. They just don’t know it. Men in relationships pay for every single sex act they’re treated to.

They have to sit and listen to all of the emotional baggage that they’re wives and girlfriends dump on them. It’s exhausting and barely worth it. It makes much more sense to simply trade money for sex and have fun the rest of the time by yourself.

That’s why there are so many escort sites out there. Not all of them are legit, though. Erotic Monkey is a site that takes a whole lot of money and gives you nothing at all in return. That’s because there are no real escorts on the site. It’s just a way to trick you out of your money.

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Everything Costs Money (A Lot)

The main problem with this site is that you can’t do anything for free. If you want to respond to any of the ads, you’ll need a premium profile.

You can read them for free, but that’s it. The escorts aren’t allowed to share their contact information in their ads. That means you have no option but to pay for the privilege of responding to them. That’s when you’re going to see that the site really has nothing at all to offer you.

It doesn’t matter how many messages you send out. You’re never going to be getting a single response. That’s because none of them are real. They’re all posted on the site just to get you to join.

Trying to actually use the site will show you that it’s all one big trick. You’ve just given them money and gotten nothing at all in return.

Reviews Are Behind A Paywall

If there’s one thing that most legit escort sites have in common, it’s that they let you read the reviews for free. It lets you know that there are good escorts on the site who can give you exactly what you want from them.

That’s not the case here. The reviews are only for premium members. That’s a dead giveaway that it’s all just a big waste of time. There are no real reviews because there are no real escorts on the site to be reviewed in the first place.

Conclusion: Erotic Monkey Is A Waste Of Money

You’re not going to be treating yourself to an escort with this site. It’s just never going to happen. It’s not a real site. There are no real escorts on it at all. It’s all just a big waste of money.

You can buy a premium profile but you’re not going to find any real ads or reviews on the site. There are other escort sites that you can use for free that will work for you. They have real women who are ready to have real sex with you right now.

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