Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl To Turn Her On

Looking to both attract and turn on girls? If so, then you need to know the right questions to ask. Here’s what I can tell you right from the start. There are questions that you can ask girls which will help up your flirting game and hopefully turn her on. Then there are questions that are wrong to ask and are a big turn off. Which guy do you wanna? The one who has flings every night or the guy who jerks off alone? Keep reading for the facts!

flirty questions to ask a girl

Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl

If you’re talking to girl and you want to bring things to the next level of flirting, you have a lot of different decisions to make. You want to make sure that you’re asking questions that will entice her while not pushing her away.

Far too many men end up asking deeply sexual questions that let the woman know that she has nothing to gain from him but sex. That’s just not what most women are looking for. They can get sex any time they want it. When they’re actually trying to find someone that they’re interested in, they need to know that they can have a good time with him outside of the bedroom.

That’s why you need questions that let her know your feeling while still letting her know that you’re after more than just a simple lay. Here are some of the best questions that you should be asking her when you flirt.

Make It All About Her (Always)

The very first thing that you want to do is make your questions all about her. You want to get to know her and this is how you’re doing it. Ask her what she wants out of life and where she sees herself in the future.

Then bring in the flirting by asking her what kind of man she sees herself with. Ask her what type of guy she likes to date and what she likes to do when she’s with them. Then you can start asking her more specifics.

Ask her how she feels about public displays of affection. Ask her if she likes grand romantic gestures. Try and find out the most romantic thing that anyone’s ever done for her. That’s what’s going to get you an actual date with her when you want one.

What To Ask On A Date (Don’t Be An Idiot)

Once you’re out with her, you still have to take care to ask the right questions. First off, ask her what’s she drinking. That’s going to start you off on the right foot. It will also get her drinking and much more relaxed around you.

Then you can start getting to the heart of the matter. Ask her if she’s the kind of person to just hook up with people. Ask her if she’s ever done anything in public. Finally, you can ask her what she’d do if you just kissed her right there.

Conclusion: Save The Sex Talk (For Later)

The most important thing you want to do is save the sex talk for as long as possible. Flirting with a girl isn’t really that difficult once you figure out what you’re main goal is. You want to get her interested, not pump her for questions.

Just ask her the questions that she wants to answer and make sure you get her thinking about you as a mate. It’s the best way to go from flirting to dating and then on to even more. Ask those questions and make sure you give her the time to answer them.

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