10 Jokes to Make You A Wisecrack for Getting Laid

You know that I always think of you by trying to provide some awesome advice that will help you get laid while you meet people in person and on adult dating sites. One thing that I always come back to and that works miracles regardless of the situation you find yourself into is having a great collection of jokes to use when the situation turns sour, when you find yourself in a mess or when you can’t think of don’t have anything better to offer to your date. A laugh will smooth out anything that you have cooked by mistake. Not getting laid will become a thing of the past.


Adult dating sites are a great place to explore your fun, and especially your dirty side. How can you have great sex with someone when you can’t share a dirty sex-related joke? Beware, some of the options I offer here are quite drastic and may not be to the wisest choice for guys who don’t have too much experience at getting laid.

Some of the jokes I put here are quite clean and will work across the board. For some however, you will need to choose a wise audience or introduce them further into the chat. Few of these one-liners  can help you raise уп the heat of a video-chat while others are ideal for sexting. Almost all of them will do good when you use them as punchlines when the hookup actually happens. Hey, I’ve personally used a few to take me out of a fail hookup situation. Remember that everyone likes a guy who can take a joke on his own account. I don’t want to let you down and I have included those, too. You can thank me later.

1. “What’s “68”? You do me and I owe you one.”

2. “You still use Internet Explorer? You must like it nice and slow.”


3. “I’m trying to finish writing a script for a porno movie, but there are just too many holes in the plot.”

4. “Sex is like air; it’s not important unless you aren’t getting any.”

5. “Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.”


6. “Have you heard about the new super-sensitive condoms? They hang around after the man leaves and talk to the woman.“

7. “Why did God create the orgasm? So women can moan even when they’re happy.”

8. “A four letter word that every man is afraid of? (More)”

9. “Men should be like coffee: strong, hot and not letting you sleep for the whole night. However, most of them are like copy machines: suitable only for reproduction.”

10. “If God hadn’t meant the pussy to be eaten, he wouldn’t have made it look like a taco.”


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