How to Make Fewer Mistakes at Adult Hookups

Getting a membership on online dating sites is a game of numbers. Even if you are an awesome guy or a girl, there is no way that everyone will be a fan and that you score each time you start a chat to get laid. Adult hookups work on the probability principle. It’s a matter of logic. The more members you initiate contact with, the greater your chances of a hookup are. I know for sure that if I am lazy and expect to get laid without any effort, I will suffer. Let me tell you a few things about adult hookups you can use and find NSA dates on most adult dating sites. Keep these in mind and I promise you that your success with adult hookups will become a thing to remember and brag about when you get older.


The More, The Merrier

Getting in touch with as many members as possible from the bunch you like will speed up your hooking up progress. You can’t assume that all will be interested. On average, one of five users you get in touch will be interested. This means that if you get in touch with as many as a hundred members, you can expect a response rate of about 20 percent. Hopefully the low will get down to ten, and the high will go over twenty responses. Normally, if you are hot, this average rate goes up and you may end up with a number of adult hookups that is too much to handle.

Awesome Photos Seal the Deal

To increase your odds of getting laid, enhance the way you look. The easiest way to do that on a site for adult hookups is to get a great photo for your dating profile. If you think that I am talking shallow nonsense, think again. How iт is that you choose your dates for adult hookups? What is the first thing that you have a look into? Having pondered about that, it makes a lot of sense to invest some effort in your profile pic and making it a top one. If you are struggling with taking good photos of yourself, I have prepared extra tips here that may serve you well in the way you present yourself online

Common Interests in Adult Hookups

Once you locate the members you like, why don’t you explore her profile to see what she likes? Almost all girls I’ve hooked up with had some curious bio on their dating profile. Women like sharing a bit of themselves online and arranging adult hookups with guys who share the same interests. The next step is including the relevant piece of information on your profile. When a woman sees that a guy is into the same thing, she instantly becomes more open and approachable. As a warning note here, I would like to mention that you should include “possible” information. You can’t say that you are a pilot if you have no idea of how planes work. You wouldn’t want to ruin your chances of getting laid by blurting a straight out ridiculous lie? A little white lie will help you hookup.


Striking While it is Hot

Now it is time for showing what you are made of by catching the girl’s attention with an awesome opening line. I’ve had most success at adult hookups by making myself stand out from the rest with an original sentence or two. This is a great moment to use your shared interest and ask a question about the things you have in common. Everyone needs a bit of a well-timed attention to warm up. You will get any woman’s attention by asking questions about the things that interest her. When she opens up, listen and try to remember as many facts that can help you arrange the NSA hookup later in the conversation.

Avoid Being Pushy

There is a common mistake that many men seem to make when they join adult hookup sites. They see the online dating arena as a sort of challenge and they approach adult hookups in the usual way they handle challenges. This means that they don’t quit and push until they solve the puzzle, win the game and get the girl in question. This tactic is counter-intuitive and almost always ends up in disaster. I didn’t tell you to contact as many girls for nothing. When you are too pushy, instead of getting laid you may end up being blocked! The girl you want to have a hookup with must feel comfortable and in control of the situation. Don’t become that guy that everyone wants to stay from. Remember – there is always a greener pasture on another girl’s dating profile!  

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