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How is your nude selfies exchange going? If it’s not that spectacular, maybe you’re not using the right hook-up app. Here comes my today’s Sweetsext review to enlighten you about another resource that just might turn the tables over for you in the selfie trading world.

Imagine those seconds (that can turn into minutes). You’re wondering whether you should send that naked selfie to the girl you like. Well, that confusion is by default over on this app. Here you won’t waste precious time thinking about whether to press “send” or not. The app itself is dedicated to people who want to trade naked selfies. Immediately after the sign-up, you play with open cards about what you’re into. So do the girls. 

Once you remove this obstacle, it’s a safe bet that you’re all in for no-strings-attached relationships. Let’s find out what makes Sweetsext so one-of-a-kind in the world of average,  not-so-good and pure down fake dating apps.

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Sweetsext Review: Benefits of Signing Up for This Hot Hookup App

For someone who is in the adult dating world for a while, it surprises me that some of the adult dating websites and apps haven’t mastered the simple trick. They have no clue about attracting a dedicated and loyal audience. Such users will not only maintain the app in life but also help it thrive to mutual satisfaction. Now,  here is what I like about Sweetsext and why I recommend using it.

Easy Registration

When you’re in for casual hookups, you don’t want to spend half an hour signing up. The process is pretty simple. You need to: 

  1. Choose a username
  2. Provide email address
  3. State your sexual preferences (this usually includes dating men or women)
  4. Confirm your age
  5. Mark if you want to buy cam tokens ( in case you want to use the camera features on Sweetsext)

That’s it! –

Simple Profile Creation

When the registration is easy you don’t want the profile creation to be harder. But you still need to give some details about yourself. For example, tell the women the best facts about yourself, and make your profile more attractive. Women do this, too, don’t they? That’s whether you like them or not. The next step on Sweetsext is to upload a photo and say something about the things that you like. Sure, you can go more in detail. And that always increases your chances of hooking up. But it’s up to you! I’ve had fairly good success with only the basic details done right.

Free Access and Affordable Memberships

According to my Sweetsext review result, many people join this hook-up especially because it doesn’t cost a lot. You get a lot by spending nickels.

You get access to a huge database of millions of members, and even use the website in the trial version for less than a dollar.

Sign Up for SweetSext for Free Here

Bottom Line

Here is the wide array of options you can go for if you decide to use some of the advanced features:

  • $0.95: 2-day
  • $9.95: 7-day
  • $34.95:30-day – $34.95 a month
  • $69.95: 180-day – $11.65 a month
  • $80.04: 545-day – $6.67 a month

The overall value for money is totally worth it. This is a really nice surprise as many websites I’m reviewing turn out to be fake or just escort services advertising as something else.


Sweetsext deserves a spot among the top 10 dating apps. It’s spot on when you want to trade nudes and jump straight into the game with open-minded girls. At least you’ve got that sorted out and you’re not wasting time! You are also eliminating time wasters by simple and free registration. Adding details to your profile is a cherry pie, too. Since you don’t need to spend much time or money on this app, it’s a great investment. If I’m right (and my opinions turn out to be true more often than not) then this one will become your favorite. Also, reboot your still dating love in ways you didn’t think so!

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