How To Spot Fake Profiles Online

Are you one of the few people that can call bull when they smell it? Some people are blessed with this ability and those that are really should consider themselves lucky. I’m one of those people that have that super human power to call a spade a spade. You’re in luck because I’m in a good mood and willing to share all the things that I look for in order to identify fakes.

Telling a person that a site is scamming them or that it’s owners are full of shit is one thing. But telling them how to figure that out for themselves is another. When people say “prevention is better than the cure,” one can and may say that it rings true in this case as well.

You’re in luck because I’m covering it all right here, right now, and in doing so, you’re bound to find savings if you take a few minutes to read this article.

spotting fake profiles

Ways To Spot Fake Dating Profiles

A lot of dating sites have been exposed for being frauds (like this one right here). They are only in the business to rip people off who pay, and never give them what they’re due. The best way to figure out that a site is fake or not is to search for fake profiles and accounts within the network.

These fake accounts are created by the owners and operators of the site and are used to create a sense of false popularity by luring you in with attractive photographs of local women that you can’t but help lust after. However, the thing is, these superb photographs are usually fake. What I mean by that is, they do not have any connection with the profile they are on. Instead, they are lifted or ripped from other sites on the internet and then posted on the dating sites.

Reverse Image Searches Tell All

To find out if a picture has been posted on another site or not, all one has to do is run it through a Reverse Image Software. Reverse Image Software is computer software intended to be used for figuring out where a particular picture is hosted. This software is ideal for exposing fake dating services that use stolen images to create fictitious profiles. They show the URLs of the photo in question based on their data.

How To Use The Image Search Software

There are two ways one can use this software. The first is to put in the URL of the photograph one wishes to research, and the other is to upload the picture itself. In both instances, the software takes just a couple of seconds to figure out where the picture comes from and where it’s been posted online.

If it does not originate from the profile you have been browsing on the site, you can take it for granted that that profile is fake, which means that the site doesn’t hold much credibility, in my professional opinion.

There are a lot of sites that offer this service, but two come with good recommendations. These are Google’s reverse image search and

Using Google Image Search

To use Google Image Search, one only has to go to and either upload the picture there or paste the picture URL. Click “Search by image” from there, and the results will be visible.

Using Search

If you wish to use, you go to the site and either upload the photo, or paste the link of the photo in the search box. The site will comb the internet for the picture you have given, and the results regarding where it comes from will be posted. Most often the pictures are lifted from adult video sites.


Well, that’s all you need to know about performing these searches and spotting fake profiles on dating sites. In just a few simples steps, you and every other person out there can find out for themselves if a particular site is fake or not, and it can save them a lot of headache, heartache and most importantly, lots of money. Want to avoid fake profiles? All you have to do is use the sites which I’ve listed as my top 10 sites on this page. I’ve covered every site that I trust and you should too!