Naughty Date Review: It’s Bad, Really Bad, Sorry…

You know what I’m about to say, you thought of it too…”You’re naughty,” said in Tommy Boy’s voice. You’re 100% right about that! I’m as naughty as they come and the only thing missing here is a girl and some rubbers. Yes, I get down like that and that’s honestly one of the main reasons why I decided to give the Naughty Date website a shot. However, I was really upset when I found out that it was worthless.

When I say worthless, I mean, it didn’t successfully meet the needs of myself and my Johnson big Russ. All joking aside, doesn’t deliver and this is proof that it does not. I’ve covered it all top to bottom in this exclusive review below. Read it and weep.

Naughty Date Site Review

Naughty Date Doesn’t Deliver, Sorry!

Here’s what I know about and why I think you should ultimately avoid the site or only use it at your own risk.

If you’re a typical consumer, then you know that dating sites and their scams are pretty well known, at least to the average college-level educated consumer. But many people are surprised just how many of these types of scams exist and just how reputable they are able to appear. Naughty Date is one such site, where their design and format makes you think it’s a trustworthy place.

Massive Database of Girls (Massive Lie)

They claim that they have a large database of young and beautiful women who are looking for casual hookups. Just the idea of all these hot girls in one place should set off your alarm bells, but the reality is has a variety of fraudulent practices that lets you know this is not the place to be.

The Features

Naughty Date has some features that you would expect from a dating site. There are messages, search functions, and local matches that claim to find women in your area. However, the features on the site are pretty basic, and they are missing many features that you would expect from this type of site. It’s about five dollars for a few days trial and up to a hundred and twenty dollars for a six month membership. However, they don’t let you know that these fees are recurring once you sign up.

This is actually a typical trick used in the dating scam site world, and the parent company of this site is a well-known portal for dating scam sites. has a variety of other dating scam sites in their network that have been wildly successful at scamming people.

How Does The Scam Work?

This is how the scam plays itself out (and it’s quite simple really). The moment you sign up, you will be hit with tons of messages. This may excite you and lead you to believe that there are people interested in your account. However, you’ll notice that you get these messages regardless if your profile is properly set up or if you even have a picture.

What sense does it make that all these women want to talk to you when they have no idea who you are? What you will notice is that everyone who is contacting you is off of a “Staff Profile.” This is laid out clearly in the terms in conditions so that you can’t turn around and sue this site for fraud. They admit that they have staff run profiles all over the site.

All Fake, All Day, All Set!

The reality here is that everything on the site is fake. The pictures you will find on here are of beautiful model quality women, with professional headshots. What are they all doing at this no name site? They aren’t really there, their pictures have simply been stolen and reused by the site.

The same is true for all the messages you receive.

If it’s not from a paid employee it’s a generic message from a computer bot. All this is designed to lure you in to get your credit card information. You have to understand that every interaction on the site is fabricated and it’s admitted to in the terms and conditions. It’s a very disgusting practice but it’s so common because it works. You have to be able to read the signs and then it will become clear to you just how dangerous these sites are.

Conclusion: Avoid At All times

I literally cannot stress this enough, the NaughtyDate website will not help you hook up and it’s not going to get you anywhere at all. If you’re smart, you’ll completely avoid it and everything that it has to offer. Don’t be a sheep because I hate to say it but sheep get eaten!

If you want to hook up with someone locally, then you want to give this site here a shot because it does in fact work and it will get you laid, no doubt about that!