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I’m a happily married man, but if I wasn’t, I would try to spice up my life with some infidelity. You can find anything on the internet these days. When popular online dating got mixed with the desire of married people to have an affair, was born. One of the most popular cheating date sites out there, I went in undercover (so to speak), to take a look at it from inside.

My User Experience

Once you log in, it’s smooth and easy to set up a profile. There’s plenty of room to build up your profile, you can put as much info about yourself as you feel comfortable. Most members are there to have an affair, so they are pretty vague about certain aspects of their lives, hoping that they won’t get found out by someone who actually knows them.

Unlike your usual dating sites where users tend to set a picture and try to make them look as desirable as possible, here people mostly set a picture of a small body part like leg or lips. If you uploaded a headshot, you can set a fancy mask over your face where you’ll look like a guest on a Venetian ball.

The features are comparable to other dating sites. has its own instant messaging service, which is mostly the same as everywhere. Winks are also there to send them to your potential mate to show them that you are interested in them. You also can set up a private photo gallery which can be viewed only by users who are invited.

Search Options

I was surprised when the messages started coming within an hour of the sign-up. It seems like the older women seek you out first, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I had to work a little more to find the more desirable ones that fit my taste. While it’s a site for cheating, there are some singles here and there. Searching by using preferences by age, area, etc. Once you get used to the interface, browsing through will be a breeze.

Cost-Benefit Comparison

Once you set a profile, there’s actually very little you can do before buying a membership. While most dating sites have a normal monthly subscription, AshleyMadison has it’s own currency called ‘credits’. For every action, you need to pay credits in order to use it. Pricing packages offered:

  • 1,000 Credits: $249.00 ($0.25 per credit. Best Deal! Comes with an Affair Guarantee. You have an affair within 3 months or your money back)
  • 500 Credits: $149.00 ($0.30 per credit)
  • 100 Credits: $49.00 ($0.49 per credit)


Security on this site focuses on very strict and detailed privacy settings. The point of it is not to get caught cheating, right? Ashley Madison takes care of this, and they’ll also give you some tips on how to keep an affair a secret. Just play smart and you’ll be fine.

Bottom Line


  • Affair Guarantee Option
  • Cool Mobile App
  • Private Photo Galleries
  • Instant Message Service


  • Kind Of Expensive


Well designed and with a decent layout, Ashley Madison has a clear interface and makes connecting to other users very easy. Discretion of its members privacy is obvious (and warranted), so don’t be surprised if you have to contact people individually to see pictures of them. With it’s high number of members and ease of use, I’d recommend the site to anyone who is willing to take some time and look around to see how many other paid users are on the site, as well as how many active users (i.e. logged in in the past month) there are in your area before paying the requisite fees.

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 4 reviews
 by JM

It takes ages and I was about to give up after I spent many hours a week trying to find a woman for discreet encounters. But it worked for me. The woman I finally met told me why it takes for ages. She said that she gets at least 50-100 messages a day from men and after a while simply gets tired of them. She only reads a few, those which seem to be interesting for her, and deletes the rest. Just don't give up too fast and there will be results.

 by Lenny S.

AM is one of these clever sites that you don't know whether you're joining a dating site or some kind of online Italian clothes store! It could be a fashion brand as it's nice to look at (and really very easy to use) but when I compare it with sites that have actually came through for me in the past then it falls short.

 by mandrake

i'm all for my dating sites to be big businesses and look professional but they need to get me results within 3 months or i move on. in fairness, if this stops working for me I would probably go and give another site a try.

 by Will W.

I tried ash mad because it's the one everyone knows and I always prefer going for well-known brands when trying something new. It's a nice site and I had some x rated chats and I've hit the jackpot. Thanks AM.