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In case you were ever stuck away from your home feeling lonely and your sex life suffered because of it, then you will know what is like for students who have to leave abroad and study most of the time. Flirting Students provides easy and free membership for people who want to be called students and has created an awesome exotic and erotic community. When they are not studying, students like to hang out freely without a lot of hassle and long-term relationships. Look at how to get around on this college-friendly discreet dating site.

User Experience Using

Flirting Students has an excellent system for matching students who live nearby and this is why it is becoming a favorite of the younger population. Many like to hookup with peers from their own age range and this is a place that makes it happen. For example, we did a search on college locations in Utah and we got a list that just kept asking for new clicks and went on and on. Millions members are there and you will for sure manage to find a fuckbuddy from your own campus even if you think that they are not into it. If you like to have some good virtual sex experience, follow the cam link at the bottom of the screen to have a nice sexy live girl spice it up for you. Male students love this as they learn a lot and can then apply the cool tricks on real dates. Just next to the cam feature you can enjoy in the sexy cartoons and have some fun with the animated characters. You can follow everything that happens on the screen in the activity sidebar positioned on the right – who is online at the moment, who really likes, who sent winks and manage your way around

Search Options

To see who is available for sex near the place where you are located try using the quick search filters located below the activity sidebar and at the bottom bar. This will make it for you to weed aside whoever is not around, or just too busy studying because finals are coming up.

If you are really lazy just glimpse through the gallery that gives options based on the information from your own profile which you have completed at sign-up. We discovered really nice looking girls from Europe and some true bombshells from Asia. The moment that they are young really contributes to the hotness factor. So – yes, there are a lot of hot bodies and pretty faces from exotic countries who are ready to get laid now.

Cost-Benefit Comparison

Registration is easy but premium upgrade is even shorter. Everything can be ready in less than a minute. The membership deals are not over-complicated and this suits tight budgets like those of a student. Flirting Students would get nowhere without having in mind the student debt loans. Each scholar can choose from two premium packages. Don’t get us wrong. This doesn’t mean that you are not welcome if you are older. This site is open-handed and open-minded. If you want just to try it out you can start from a one-month membership and when you decide to upgrade go for the best value deal that offers a discount:


  • $29.95  for a one-month subscription renewing for $29.95 each month
  • $59.95  for a three-month subscription renewing for $19.98 each month


Considering student needs, this adult dating site permits for gift card payments. You can use and of the major retailers and chains such as Starbucks, Walmart and Target.


Act in accordance with the Privacy Policy to stay safe and protect your own as well as other members good standing on the site. The site has and added SSL certificate to deal with all payment in a prompt and discreet but also secure way.

This adult friend finder has enhanced safety guidelines and expects full compliance if you want to use all benefits in full. Keep in mind that you need to provide an email confirmation, follow the safety standards and behave politely with other members. If you take care of this, you will have an extra fresh dating experience on and meet many new young people from all around the world.  


Bottom Line


  • Trendy Homepage Design

  • Hi-Tech Features

  • Million-Member Database

  • Mobile Application

  • Group Chat


  • Pricey Chat Features

  • Limited XXX Videos


Flirting Students makes up the time and energy lost studying to students from all around the world who live on campuses far away from home. It provides premier adult dating experience for scholars who tend to get lonely after spending long nights studying. If you are a student looking to meet new people you will find all kinds of discreet encounters here. If you are not from abroad but are eager to meet some cute foreigners, this is your place.

Like I said, it’s a decent adult friend finder, but nothing like the real deal original site – here. If you want to meet adults looking to smash, then I’d say your best bet would be to start there!

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 2 reviews
 by Ken K.

Hey, I love Latin temper and those dark hairs and eyes make by blood boil... I guess we are lucky to live so close to Mexico and have so many students visiting. I wouldn't want to see no wall built!

 by Tyler

Ah, what to do without nice girls from abroad. I found a nice bunch here - American girls can be so prudish and Europeans are so straightforward. Cool!