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Although Just Bang has a fairly decent opening page, the rest of the experience quickly turned the table for us. Starting with the time wasted at registration, it seems that all we were doing on this sex finder is learning about its features. This was not an easy hooking up feeling, and instead of chasing THE tail, it felt more like chasing our own tail.

User Experience

How about you decide on checking on a new dating website and the first thing you notice is that you have only five minutes left to take on the offer that is expiring along with the ticker? We are not sure that anyone would be so excited about rushing to fill in all necessary details like mad just to use a few bucks of discount – especially when this is the case before previewing features. That’s one huge minus for Just Bang. Next, the registration takes forever. Albeit the site claims to be a dating app, the complex registration process doesn’t exactly confirm that.

Moreover, one would expect some more info on the application aspect of the site but that one is missing in the free silver membership, becoming only available in the VIP one when you get access to the mobile-friendly version. So, nothing much on offer unless you generously open your wallet. Women seem okay, but the communication is depressing. Not at all like the regular buzz of top sex finders we are used to where a man can get some amazing hookup offers and become spoilt for choice. Only a couple of pop-up windows and no inbox messages were not very promising at the start, making the decision to run away and find something better much easier.

In the end, although it seems like there should be a lot happening on the site, the lack of new and active members provides only crumbles. Just Bang is falling short in many aspects.

Search Options

Assuming that the smart match detector would work wonders hooking us up with several dozens of women, in so far as we complete as many profile info as possible, we didn’t take the shortcut and just skipped through registration. The result was not sensational. What we got from all that effort is only two invitations to chat and no inbox messages. And for someone who comes from Denver, that is a serious under-delivery. Talking about over-promising!

Cost-Benefit Comparison

When you sign in, you get the basic free Silver membership that offers restrictions to social and communication features. Apart from a basic tour and checking up on features, you will not be able to get much else. To be able to actually chat with members and get to “just bang” someone you need to splurge on the Gold or on the VIP deal. The monthly renewal of the Gold deal is $49.95, which is almost double than the monthly average on other much cooler dating sites. To test some of the options you need to pay $1.96. That option has a monthly renewal for $39.61 – still a way too pricey if you are looking for an affordable option.


Just Bang keeps in line with the average safety requirements. There is a lack of guarantees on profile pictures uploads that go a bit on the wild side. Some users do like this, but there are many that are not fans of the all-over approach. The serious disadvantages of other site aspects raise some security and data privacy questions. Just Bang looks like a half-finished product – keep your eyes open!

Bottom Line


  • Plenty of social features
  • Nice female users
  • Social score meter


  • Complicated registration
  • Very limited discounted offers
  • Unclear navigation
  • Pricey subscriptions
  • Limited member directory
  • Limited payment options


It doesn’t make much sense to have a go at a site that has that number of users when there are so many other sex finders that offer millions of new members on much clearer and better designs and features. The lack of communication from others was a real turn-off. Go for it if you wish, but we would rather save the money for better and well-known alternatives.

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