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It is no unusual that people who already have committed partners to have the wildest sex lives. Married people are not always monogamous and many like to try and taste something new out of the bounds of marriage. Coupled people know that they share a mutual story – the lack of novelty and how devastating can it be to a hot sex life. No wife likes to stay at home alone and wait for the ever busy husband and no husband wants to spend lonely nights in hotel rooms on business trips. So, while many get used to the boredom, others resist and join adult dating sites to bring some fun element to the staleness. Lonely Wives Affairs is one such place and we went to have a look at its features.

User Experience On LonelyWivesAffairs.com

It is easy to make quick judgments about the quality of adult dating services especially when one has spent quite some time online evaluating hundreds and even┬áthousands of new websites. This is why we don’t jump to fast decisions but we also don’t want to spend hours in research. Often, just when we think that we have seen everything, there comes a nice surprise.

Although there were not spectacular surprises on Lonely Wives Affairs. the live cam shows were pretty damn awesome and surpassed some of the other, awarded and well-known dating services. Profile browsing was a lesson by itself – not all married ladies that seem shy are that reserved – plenty can be learned from someone who has married sex experience. There is a catch to Lonely Wives Affairs though and it includes scarce search filters. You can compensate by finding comfort in winks and likes if you like that.

Search Options

Do you think that just a quick search tool can do the job for you? If you do, you won’t mind locating a cute sexy wife┬áby age and location only. If you want to be a bit more decisive and precise in your choices, Lonely Wives Affairs will not be your lucky place. You can get to the point either by asking questions or by browsing the written descriptions on members profiles.

It is a smart way to get to know more about someone you don’t know and one of the best conversation starters. Certain number of people do not mind finding just neighbor fuck-buddies and will have plenty of use from the basic search tool. To conclude, we prefer when there are some more options available.

Cost-Benefit Comparison

Lonely Wives Affairs does not over-complicate subscription deals and provides only two to customers who decide that they are ready for an upgrade. If you are among those who have had enough of the free stuff on Lonely Wives Affairs and want to invest some more to get to the cherry on the top, you can choose between the one-month premium membership and the three-month premium membership.

For sure, both have some benefits and while the one-month is less risky to your wallet, the three month offers a discount and it is a better investment in a longer run because you get three months for the price of two. This is how it goes: you need to pay $29.95 for the monthly membership plan but only $59.95 for the three-month plan. This takes the monthly cost down to $19.95. Keep in mind that both renew for $29.95 once the initial subscription runs off.


Safety, both personal and financial, is a burning issue for adult dating site members. Having in mind the not-so-fast progress of the modern date finders, this is no wonder. We here at Top 20 totally dig this and like to assure our readers that they can join the concrete adult dating site we have scrutinized without worries.

Aside from the regular caution related to meeting new people, both on the Internet and in live, all other aspects of safety and confidentiality of Lonely Wives Affairs are covered with the Privacy Policy and the relevant payment protection software.

Bottom Line


  • Simple Navigation
  • Lovely Pic Gallery
  • Status Updates
  • Dating Activity



  • Lack of Subscription Packages
  • No Video Chat


Overall, Lonely Wives Affairs has a fair share of regulars who appreciate what the site has to offer. It seems that there is a number of people who are into simplicity and once they discover a good deal, they do not want to try their luck elsewhere.

You will like the hot movie scenes and the super-cool sex cam shows. We are not so sure about the limited deals and search options that need to have some work done. This upgrade will significantly raise this site rating.

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 3 reviews
 by Val

I like when women get all over me once they get some experience - lot of those here and I love that finally I don't need to beat around the bush and frankly say that I want just sex!

 by Gina

It was a bit disappointing for me to have to struggle for attention. I thought that as a woman I will have it easy here and that guys will fight over me but it turned out that there are so many women looking for the same thing that I had to lower down my expectations. I did have some nice sexy fun, but nothing over the top.

 by Rusty

I know, I gave only two stars for such a blasting review title but I think that the search filters are missing a lot of the advanced staff, so yeah, pick it up if you want more stars from me. The title is actually for the lovely Texan chicks I found here - I'm proud of my state!