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Okay, i’ll admit it, i’m really excited to write this review. You ask why? I’ll tell you…

When I was a kid that hit puberty, I had this huge fantasy to be with one truly magnificent sexy MILF. I blame it on the fact that I had a childhood friend who had a really smokin’ hot mom. When I started going trough my manly changes, she was always supportive and sympathetic… When she got divorced from my buddy’s dad, she started wearing more open, revealing clothes and I reaped all the benefits! I started to hang out with him more just because of that. Cougars and MILFs always gave me this special tingle when i was young. I’ve never pursuit this fantasy of mine before until a month ago, now a new sexy chapter has opened in my life. Please read on about my experience and dating results that I got within an month with

User Experience Of Milftastic

I’m writing this based on a month of using this site, i paid a 3 month membership and will continue to have fun with it. doesn’t have a tons of features, but has all the things that I need to have a seamless dating experience. In terms of features it’s not above and beyond, but surely it won’t disappoint you.

The site has different types of messaging – video, basic private, instant… All of them are free, which is cool, but there is limit to how much you can do for free. Most of the dating sites don’t give the video chat feature without membership, Milftastic has this for free. This will help you to see who is real (which most of the MILFs are).

You can also connect to sexy group chat rooms which have regular webcam shows that you can subscribe to. Some of the members like to get off by performing for the other male members, so you won’t hear no complaints there. If she’s willing giving it away, i will gladly take it. It’s limited access to these show, you can’t subscribe to them until you upgrade your membership.

One neat unique feature that you can subscribe, in a manner of speaking, to the shortlist of hookups – it’s a feature called “Hook Up Now.” This is how this works. If you have the time for last minute undiscriminated hookups, you’ll be added to a list that users like you can see. It’s kind of like ‘Who’s Online’ feature that actually leads to hooking up. This one proved to be quite handy.

Search Options

The search feature is quite descent and you can get selective to your preferences, but generally there’re no preset browser options. You can’t browse by Sugar Momma, Cougar or MILF distinctly. You can search, but most women don’t use these terms, so you need to be more persistent.

From time to time they send you matches which you can accept or reject and they’ll renew each time you go trough them. This is neat and i like it, most of they dating sites are really all about the hookup and they’ll neglect the matching feature. It will kind of make you feel like ‘you’re on your own’. Milftastic has done a good job by adding this here, but I didn’t really feel they ‘got’ what i was looking for in a older women hookup. Since it was easy to refresh my matches, this wasn’t a big problem at all.

Cost-Benefit Comparison has a lot of free options that most sites don’t give. If you upgrade you get additional ones too. There are 3 type of subscription: basic, silver and gold. With basic membership you will get most common features that any adult dating site gives. As you upgrade, you get more of course. Prices are reasonable, the only thing that will cost you is the expenses for gas (if you got a car) that you’ll need for driving around, hunting for cougars and MILFs all the time.


Security is not a problem for Milftastic. Its normal that a modern dating site like this has modern security measures. It has a great policy primarily focus on confidentiality and privacy. FAQs are there for you if got any question. Customer service is also available to you if you still have any concerns. Just log into one of the support channels and you will get all the help you need so you can start doing your thing.

Bottom Line


  • Nice User Interface
  • Lots Of Hot MILFs
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Chat
  • Site Recommended Matches Based On Your Preferences
  • Message Boards
  • I GOT LAID !!!


  • Ads
  • Matching System Not Accurate


Do I recommend to subscribe to I surely do! If you’re not into older women then it’s not for you of course. But let me tell you something, there’s a saying “Old chicken makes a good soup.” As a man in prime of my life, I definitely learned a lot from some of these dates, you will too, just summon the courage to try. Get a paid membership, it will let you move around the site more freely and will remove the pesky ads. Even if you don’t want to pay, just go and check it out if you’re the least bit curious about how much naughty fun you can get up to with a hot older woman.

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 by Mr. Richards

my buddy recommended this site, i didn't believe it until checked for myself. met this wonderful sexy milf, she was so gorgeous, made my jaw drop. we went for a couple of drinks. she didn't have time to mess with trivial things like chat and foreplay, took me to her place and ... well... a gentleman never tells.

 by hard guy

So many invites, so many options. Man, I can't get enough! It's so time consuming, luckily older women don't need nor want commitment...

 by headbanger

One night stand with a hot MILF is a night to remember. Thanks to this awesome adult web page I got lucky. It's worth every penny.

 by Kenz0

i really can't believe it how easy i get laid! those milfs... oh man... words cannot describe...