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Mixxxer has a weird approach to dating, slightly different to the usual ways of working for regular dating sites, making adult hookups work only on a mobile application. As it turns out it, the risk of taking this stand may not have truly paid dividends for this adult friend finder. It has a fair attempt to make sex hookups simple by investing less in design and features, and more in speed, but the overall success may well have been brought into question. Mixxxer.com users can only use the site via mobile devices. That by itself is a huge turnoff for many and affects the fan database.

User Experience of Mixxxer.com

Mixxxer basically seems as simple as a mobile app, but it lacks some serious features available on regular adult dating sites. Men and women that are used to getting needs met in many activities in the dating arena can feel disappointed from the basic find and hookup method of Mixxxer. The sex finder promises to be the next Tinder. Having in mind the kudos that the famous hookup service keeps up across the mainstream user groups, Mixxxer is facing a hard task. You can actually access and start using the website from a PC, but real fuck meetup arrangements are available only on mobile. The registration screen has only icons for picking up your orientation and preference and it may take a while until you figure out what is what and who is who.

While it may look that it is all hot and sexy with the open approach, Mixxer seems like its missing on a fair share of the hookup audience. When this bold way to hooking up is encouraged, those members that are looking only for a chat or for a flirt, or who don’t like to put full nude photos from the beginning, will be put back. The site actually takes pride in removing the “dating” from adult dating and make sex hookups only based on the way users look. Clothing is very optional and will be appreciated by those who are not big fans of safety. On the other hand, users can hide the identity and pose without faces. This can contribute to discreet hookups, but may spoil the experience altogether when there is a great contrast between the face and the body.

The application works on the GPS-based searching and has so far attracted less than a million users, owning a decent number of daters. Still, the activity is less than sensational when compared to awarded classic sex finders that attract several million members.

Search Options

If you are not used to the GPS locator, you will find hooking up on Mixxxer strange. Even those who are masters of GPS location or professional drivers, know how unreliable this search method can be on occasions. If you have found yourself looking for a left-turn when there is none or ended in a dead-end alley when actually going to the park, you would not want to rely only on GPS-location when you want to get laid. Especially if you are not that great in reading maps or if you can’t afford to update the car software all the time with newest versions including the latest changes.

Cost-Benefit Comparison

At least it looks like the “fast-food” approach to dating on MIxxxer carries the relevant cost along. Users would probably not want to overpay a site that works only on mobile phones, by investing the same dollars into subscriptions as found on mobile and desktop & tablet friendly hookup services. Although you can use some of the basic social and chatting features known in the usual repertoire of dating tools, you will miss many of the bonus features available on advanced adult sex sites. You have the option of signing up for one of the following subscriptions: one-month package that costs $7.99 and a three-month package that costs $19.99.


Many of the usual safety aspects on sex finders are covered under the Terms & Conditions, particularly those including payment security and discreet processing. There is however, the greater risk to location provided to the site and users should stay aware when they give details about where they actually are. Make sure that you know how you handle your private data on Mixxxer.com – you have the option of selecting whom are you sharing confidential information with. You can also manage your profile safety by blurring and editing images uploaded to the site.

Bottom Line


  • Affordable subscriptions
  • Fast registration
  • Swingers friendly
  • Location-based hookups


  • Available only on mobile
  • Lack of social features
  • Limited communication channels
  • No ‘dating” options


Overall, the “mobile-only” take on adult dating that may work wonders for certain hookup services, turned out a bit less spectacular for Mixxxer. The site needs to work on improving availability and adding on extra communication features. In addition, some adult friend finders provide so much extra content from free cams to XXX videos and partnering sites, that Mixxxer may get at risk of losing some of the dedicated users who would expect more, especially from longer memberships.

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 3 reviews
 by Stephen K.

I wonder if it was up to me or if the site is confusing. I asked my buddy to help me out with some of tools I couldn't get a hold of, but we ended in a greater mess. So, no it was not up to me...

 by Tyler p.

Not a great fan of mobile only dating, as I spend most of my time working on a desktop computer only. When I am in the office for ten hours, I definitely don't have the time for managing my mobile apps. Hot users, though...

 by Jonas

It had me hooked up with a chick last month, but since then, it is all a big zero, so I just stopped visiting...