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When we considered the site characteristics after we took the site tour, it is no wonder that Saucy Dates’ members count only in tens on thousands, unlike top-rated dating sites for NSA meetups that invite as many as several hundred thousand, if not several million members. SaucyDates is not a great treat, and if you wonder whether it is worth getting a try to find a date, it might be better to take a pass.

My Experience Using Saucy Dates

If the experience was strange enough for an experienced team of editors, it will be nothing less for a regular dating website user. It takes some work to confirm and verify the subscription, and all you are left out with is a regular inbox with no special chatting activity or added social media features. Members are left to their own devices when communication is in question, as contact options are quite limited and can be summed up under the basics of chatting and emailing.

When we compare that to the extra social activity features available on awarded dating sites, no wonder that the hookup rate on is not that shiny and attractive.

On the other hand, this site offers only a basic search enabling search by location. It seems that this limits the number of new members that join the site as it offers limited hookup opportunities. If you are looking for a quickie with no extra requirements, this will do the trick, However, the lack of social and matchmaking features is not in the favor of the site.

Search Options

As mentioned, the dates on this site are for people who are happy with the basics. Maybe the point was to find someone very close and get sex as soon as possible, but this approach is not well taken by the site members. Think of real-life sex dates – would you get horny with just anyone? Everyone has some basic preference and would like to choose minimum physical characteristics of potential hookups. If there is one major thing Saucy Dates should improve, it definitely includes the search filters.

Cost-Benefit Comparison

The evaluation of the value aspect on this sites was a no-brainer. When there is no cost to compare, the deal seems to be as good as it gets, but on second thought, it raised several good questions and provided a few arguments that explained the lack of member activity and the lack of new members joining the site. The input equals the output. In this case, the basic investment turned out to be even less than the necessary minimum. Designed to provide quick mobile hookups, it didn’t quite work the magic for us.


Guess what, this dating site has dedicated a section of the site tour to explaining the privacy policy and guaranteeing safe payment transactions. However, this information is only a drop in the ocean to what we are used to seeing in terms of safety features on top adult friend finders.  A paragraph just won’t do it. Considering that we like to see as much ground covered as possible, new additions to the site safety policy will for sure raise the site profile and score.

Bottom Line


  • Free basic and premium memberships
  • Clean site interface
  • Affiliates


  • Lack of safety policy
  • Lack of bonus features
  • Complex signup
  • Poor design
  • Poor male/female ratio


We are not used to getting poor service or features from an adult dating sites, but perhaps that is because we are spoilt for choice. From time to time, it is good to encounter something not sensational, if nothing else, at least for comparison purposes. Saucy Date needs a lot of work to reach premiere league and is not a place where pro and amateur daters would like to hang out for too long.

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