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We are always on a lookout for sexy new places that crop up in the online adult dating world, and if it were only enough time in the day, we would have been including more and more sites in this ranking list, making you feel safe and secure in your choices. As there are almost never sufficient hours, we strive for keeping up with the best and make sure that you don’t miss out by not letting you know when a good new site shows up. Here is a worthwhile discovery that will be at least fun, if not one of your preferred choices to spruce up your dating world, particularly if you get in-depth into the site usage. User Experience

When people provide feedback to adult dating websites, they almost always include some tip about improving the work of the site and making it as user-friendly as possible. Still, there are as many preferences as there are people, therefore, it is difficult to produce a site that will keep everyone happy.

This is why we try to point put specific aspects from a particular site that will reach to just the right audience and its preferences. Sendnudez seems like a very fast, modern blend of features between Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. You may think that if you are not in sync with all modern tech features, you may miss out on most of the advantages of Sendnudez. However, we would not go that far as this dating tool is really neatly structured and has ample support and help on the side to aid even the most inexperienced newbies find their way to faster hookups. Not to mention that excellent customer support, specialized in the payment processing in particular, which will certainly remove much of a headache that comes along joining a new adult dating site while struggling with the bits and pieces that need to be digested.

Search Options

When you register, the matching system asks for specific personal details that are used to find the best potential dates from the million-member database. You may opt-out from giving some of the details in the process, but you must be aware that the matching tool will not work in the best possible way if you decide to do so. In any case, that is for sure not the only option to apply for finding what you get horny for, because you can filter your final result in several ways, by keyword, location, age, sexual preference and much more from the usual adult dating repertoire. If you complete your profile section correctly, you can always get ahead of the others by being more interesting, catchy and attractive. A dynamic profile photo is just the right hook for sexy dates Make sure that you are as specific in your profile as possible to get what you want.

Cost- Benefit Comparison

There are several subscription options on Sendnudez, and two trials – a fact that will serve the needs of risk-prone, as well as of more risk-averse customers. Here is what you get for your subscription on Sendnudez:

  • 2-Day trial deal is $4.95 with a discount which sums up to $0.99 a day
  • 7-Day trial deal is $14.95 with a discount price that sums up to $9.95
  • 1-Month membership is $39.95 with a discount price of $34.95 a month
  • 6-Month membership is $69.95
  • Yearly membership is 80% off or only $6.67 a month


Sennudez applies more than the necessary minimum safety features. As a matter of fact, it is one of the safest dating sites around featuring exhaustive policy documents, activity for removal of malicious content, an anti-fraud team, privacy protection from third-party sharing, security mechanisms for the payment processing, including encryption, as well as feeatures to protects user privacy, such as making the profile discreet or deleting a profile from the member database.

Bottom Line


  • Increased safety, privacy and security
  • Adapted for Apple and Android use
  • Simple, intuitive navigation
  • Multiple languages for users
  • Excellent customer support
  • Five subscription options


  • Pricier premium features


We would place this cool new dating app among the best new products on the market, simply due to the professionalism noticed from just short existence around the competition, It seems that it quickly claims a fair market share, and that it will take over some of the older, established services if ti continues at this rate.

Definitely a lot of fun, and little, almost non-existent reasons to feel unsafe. If you are up for trading sexy pics without the great risk as possible on other social channels, go for Sendnudez – at least it kicks hard in terms of protecting ist members.

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 by Frank

I didn't hesitate in giving five stars to this one at all!

 by Bill

You just won't believe how much fun I had a couple of weeks ago from this site - three dates in just one month, and tow more to go for the next one. It rocks!