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I am no stranger to the sesh on online dating sites. After all, they are one of the amazing ways to meet new people. This is why I’m sharing what I know about Smoke and Poke today! It’s a great dating site by the way. But first, a question for you…

Are you one of those people who consume marijuana (whether pot smokers, vapers, or use edibles)? Then everything gets a little bit more challenging. It’s even more challenging in 2024 than in the past!

While getting stoned with a friend on your first date can be extremely awesome, pot can be a hard topic to broach with a person you simply met. If the chat or conversation is flowing and you have good chemistry with your date, you may feel comfortable enough to share that you like smoking marijuana after a week or two.

Smoke and Poke

Bottom Line

To provide you with the bottom line up front, I can confidently say that is a SOLID dating site and worth joining. If you’ve got a strong attraction to weed-smoking singles, then no doubt about it, this is your network. Join now to register for free. If you’re interested in learning more and getting deep into the details, then keep reading below.

My Review of Smoke and Poke Dating

Smoke and Poke is the newest online dating app that was launched amid the pandemic. The dating site enables people to sign up for an account and perform an advanced search for weed users in their area. They can easily filter between age, sex, preference, body top, and more.

Users can also toggle between members who are either currently online, featured verified images on their profile, can chat through SMS, or are text verified, video chat, and live stream.

The Smoke and Poke dating site also works by connecting people by scrolling through their profiles and liking them to show their interests. Members can also send a message, chat with them, and favorite them at the same time.

After a connection has been made, they can get to know one another through video chat and build a more meaningful and amazing connection. Stoners and pot smokers alike can easily find people who want to date them through this platform.

Most people find the website to be interesting enough due to its automatic location and compatibility features. That minimizes the time spent seeking a cannabis partner. If you love a minimalistic interface, then you must try Smoke and Poke. I was able to find 12 smoker girls who fit my criteria.

The only thing you need is a little more time guessing and understanding how the site works.

Smoke and Poke Review: Awesome Things about

What are the amazing features of Smoke and Poke? This part of my review will talk about the important features you need to bear in mind if you decide to enter this online dating site today.

If you’re ready to know more, then let’s dive in!

Sign up process

Let’s get down to one of the important features of any dating site. Smoke and Poke’s sign-up process is somewhat straightforward. What you just need to do is to click on the registration button.

Then the website will automatically detect your location. Enter your nickname, age, gender, body type, and gender, and you are good to go. Make sure you also include your email address. That’s necessary for you to add for the verification. Each newbie member should also click the hyperlink on their email to finish the registration process.

After that, you must also finish your profile. Start by giving crucial information about yourself and your sex preferences. That’s great in helping other people find you faster. In case you lose your password, you can click the Forgot Password option, where the company will send an email to your email to produce a one-time code.

Site Usability

There are several things you must be aware of when you start using the Smoke and Poke website. Remember that this is not your traditional hookup dating site that provides horizontal menus, standard profiles, and chat systems.

The platform is like a landing page with an automatic selection of partners. That suggests you can go to the home page and begin searching for potential lovers.

The website has sound and decent widgets displaying the users’ location and summary data. At first, it was a bit strange, but it took me a while to understand the interface and the nuances of the search.

Profile quality and user account

I want to mention that Smoke and Poke is an automated dating app that doesn’t have the typical menu. Here, you can see all the users nearby after you activate the automatic search.

Click the icon with the photo of the user you like, and you can find important information about them, such as name, age, and gender. That’s enough to start a conversation and continue making your move.

Great interface

Clean design is something that you will appreciate, especially if you smoke. Fortunately, Smoke and Poke do an amazing job of being clean and straightforward. Every feature the company offers is easily accessible and makes it fun to look for new dates.

·      Match game for more fun

This is perhaps my favorite feature on the website. It allows you to swipe through members easily. In just a few minutes, I can easily go through a countless number of hot babes in my area who are ready to chat online or meet up in real life.

·      Advanced search

What is the best way to find pot smokers in my area who wish to trade photos, videos, live chat, or have a smoke together? This is where the website’s search option comes to the rescue.

Here, I can easily refine my search through religion, sex, body type, eye color, and other important data. The only edit I want to see is to search what type of strains others are smoking. This kind of data would be an awesome feature to include.


I found a discrete profile option for users who would rather kink to themselves. The feature will enable your content to be hidden by anyone who is not your friend.


When it comes to website security, you will find a 24/7 customer support team who will always be ready to help you when you have problems using the site. Smoke and Poke does a wonderful job by clearing out any rude members or scammers on the platform.

Any concerns with the platform are immediately managed by their English-speaking support team. For a marijuana-focused dating site, having that type of feature is remarkable.

On top of that, they bring to the table a team of customer staff with a decade of combined experience offering email, chat, and phone support.


How much does using Smoke and Poke cost? Lucky for you, you can join the dating site for free. Nonetheless, I would suggest getting the premium membership plan so you can get inclusive access to all the amazing features the site has to offer.


Smoke and Poke is the Best Dating Site for Smokers

Overall, I can say that Smoke and Poke is a unique dating site, given that it caters to pot smokers and cannabis users. The main goal of the company is to help connect cannabis users from the same city or region and start a meaningful relationship.

I like the fact that most of the features are automated. That only means you can find potential dates in just a few clicks. On top of that, even though the platform’s audience is not very massive yet, there are still no scammers or fake accounts here.

There you have it! We hope this Smoke and Poke review has been useful and informative to you. Have you tried using the website before? What are your experiences with it? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving your comments below. Happy smoking and dating!

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