3 Signs That Show Flirting Has Gone Way Too Far

I remember situations in which I got so horny that I almost always forgot the golden rules of nice behavior, when trying to arrange an online hookup. The same has happened to me in face-to-face sex encounters when I have been so buzzed up that I became almost totally oblivious to what is happening with the other party. I must admit this has produced a few massive fail situations in the getting laid arena. As time went by, this became more of an exception than a rule, but I still had to succumb to an occasional hookup failure. That doesn’t stop me, however, to keep polishing my flirting skills and finding NSA sex by skillful application of the absolved flirting lessons.

And, yes, you CAN be at the same time, be naughty and nice.You just need to flirt with the right type of horny girls to succeed in arranging for a hookup in almost ninety percent of the situations. It is essential to build up on your sexabulary so that you keep the interest levels at all times high and choose the right words to use in the right context.


Although the flirting situations in person are significantly different from those you meet when you hookup on online dating sites there are some rules that can be adjusted to be applied on both media and work under the varied circumstances.

You can flirt softly or bluntly, but you should always pay attention to the signs that your hookup date is sending you. By listening to how your sex date responds to your hookup advances, you will get laid so much that you will remember the days of dry spell forever.

These three particular simple tips you need to keep in mind when flirting will enhance your sextiquette in no time.

1. Avoiding proximity.

Now, this can be interpreted in many ways. Let’s say you approach this hot girl in a bar. When you come closer to someone, you raise your chances of showing flirting signs and exchanging signs that show you are in for hooking up. If the girl moves away, this is a pretty clear signal that she is not up for a sex date in that very moment. It is very normal that the same goes for online dating sites, but that the rule is somewhat different in a way that the girl you have your eye on will avoid proximity in online-appropriate ways. For example, she may chat less, use fewer words and shorter sentences, pause or just produce weird silence in the chat box on the adult dating site. If you pick up the cold shoulder in more than one of these ways, the girl in question is probably not interested to get laid.

2. Lack of nonverbal signs.

To get laid with horny girls you need to learn recognizing nonverbal signs. It is crucial for a fuck meetup to remember that when you approach a girl, she will signal you that she likes to get laid with you in some hinting flirting way. It can be subtle a glance, longer eye contact, body move in your direction, caressing hair or touching the body in a casual way. Nodding and smiling is a great way for a girl to show that she wants to get laid as much as you want to. If she doesn’t do this you may need to turn your hookup radar in another direction. How do you translate a lack of nonverbal communication on adult dating sites? This one is a piece of pie – she will just cease chatting with you! Do not turn into one of those people that chat one-way, but start searching to hookup elsewhere.

3. No touching

Obviously, getting your bodies as close to each other as convenient and appropriate will make it a breeze to touch or hold the girl, and later ask her to come to your place. By this time of the hookup, you have probably exchanged a solid flirting energy and showed up that you both like each other. It is a question of good sextiquette to mirror the other person. When you notice that the girl is not returning the favor, you may need to consider if that is the girl you will get laid with in that concrete moment of time. If you undertook a great flirting approach as I’ve been giving the tips above, you so totally deserve to get laid and if your current date is not up for it, you may just want to skip asking her to your place. If this happens in person, you will end up disappointed and potentially leave the place without a sex date. On the other hand, when this happens on an adult dating website, you can immediately move ahead and start sexting another girl whose dating profile you like. Normally, you will not be able to touch a girl on a dating site, but you may ask her to join you into a private chat room and see if she is willing to share some privacy or some hot nude photos with you.

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