Why Asking the Right Questions is the Secret to Getting Laid

When meeting horny girls to get laid, do you know what is the real deal that works even better and provides exceptional results, even better than those you get when you’ve mastered the right chat up lines, picked up a few jokes or compliments and acquired some general seduction techniques? Do you know the secret to getting laid?

I am talking about asking questions and the skill that comes along – listening. Get your expertise around these in top condition and it may turn out that I am the one that comes over to you for arranging fuck meetups. The secret to getting laid often comes down to these basic principles.

The best free sex tips usually come from the receiving end. Seems legit – it is hardly likely that you will know how to act around on dating sites, set an alluring dating profile and set hookups without knowing what the other side wants. It is as simple as give and take. The essential advantage to this tip is that you can use it anywhere.

Meeting women for online hookups has never been easier for me. When I showed some genuine interest and started asking questions, the girls literally started throwing themselves in front of my feet.

Start with a lighthearted approach. Choosing hobbies and lightweight topics that sound like fun are an excellent spice to the seductive concoction you are cooking when you want to get laid on online dating websites. While you are asking, make sure that you are also listening and adjust your way into the hookup so that you end with the final question – asking the girl to come to your place.


1.Hey, I am listening to some (…). What is your favorite music?

This one is a no-brainer. Even if you are just browsing through some sites, you have some tune on. Putting music into play is an instant mood-lifter and will quickly lead to establishing initial rapport. And that is the biggest obstacle to getting laid without issues. So, be prepared with some sexy vibes to quicken your way into hooking up with the woman in question.   

2.I moved from/live in (…). Where are you from?

You might need to ask this if the girl doesn’t already have this info included in the dating profile. If she does have it, than skip it altogether and just go directly to asking what it’s like in her birth place, does she still live there, has she lived in other places and – listen. It eases your way into the lady’s panties.

3.Can you recommend a good movie?

A-ha! Not only do you want to know what sort of movies she likes to watch, but you are also asking for a recommendation which means that you actually give a damn for her opinion. In addition, you can work your way into mentioning some hot sex scene or some erotic movie that makes you horny and hoping that she will like the same stuff, too.

4.What is the farthest place you have traveled to?

Don’t even get me started on this one! It opens up so many doors to a sex heaven that you will make it a favorite and invent variants for fuck meetups and share them with your friends because you will suddenly become the expert for getting laid. Online dating is convenient for sending images, so, even if she doesn’t travel much, she can tell you where she wants to go. This will help you warm up and speed up the chat with the next question:

5.When is it that you had most fun in your life?

The deal-sealer. The naughty upshot of all your previous effort. You must admit that these are cool chat topics that will not only help you get laid, but you will also enjoy while the conversations last.

Although I do recommend sticking to the aforementioned question order, you can tweak it around the girl you want to hookup with. You don’t need to follow it literally, all the time. Combinations are possible.

Make some, and the secret to getting laid on online dating sites will be your special craft.

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