How to Get Laid Tonight

Bro love and everything, it can get pretty annoying if your friend gets all the girls and knows his way around them. As any normal guy who is getting ready for the weekend or for a night out, your main objective is to get laid tonight, and not wait forever. It is not only the dudes you are out with that want to get laid tonight. Why wouldn’t you have your fair share of the deal and meet women to hookup as often as anyone? Instead of growing resentful and throwing it out at your friend (which I am sure you would want to avoid at any cost), why don’t you borrow some of his tricks or look here to find ways and places of how to get laid tonight?


We admit. Some guys just have luck with women. They just have “the thing”. Perhaps it is up to their looks or to the many tried and tested ways to meet someone just for sex, but these guys just got it and know hot to seduce women.

While I can’t help you in the way you look in such a short time, I can definitely share some maneuvers to help you get laid tonight, tomorrow and any weekend during this dark and cold winter. I’ll leave the looks bit to those who actually have the time, the discipline and the money to work out at the gym or visit a plastic surgeon.

Still, being super-hot is not a guarantee that you will get laid tonight as many real-life examples prove. On occasions, having an awesome NSA encounter comes down to pure luck, so let’s just keep that in mind. What you need to do to supercharge your seduction mojo is start using the right approach. It just takes a bit of smarts to understand how to get laid tonight delivered from people who know what works. Remember, even if you are not that good in hooking up with ladies in bars, you can get free sex on online dating sites.

When you meet women out and about in town, you must learn to pay attention to finding the right ones to get laid tonight. Not all of them will be so eager for sex just yet, so you need to keep track of their choice of clothes, their body language and the way they process emotions.

You need also examine how comfortable they are with physical contact and start learning techniques to build sexual tension in the encounter. Try them out and meeting local women online will not be the only place where you think you can get laid tonight.

1. Choice of clothes

This one is totally not about slut-shaming, so if you go there, you can make a poor judgment call. Watch for the way the lady is feeling in her clothes. You wouldn’t want to make your advances toward someone who is either too low or too high maintenance. When she is cool, comfortable and wearing nice, but relaxed clothes that let her move around easily and dance, it is totally a sign that she feels good about herself and that she want to get laid tonight just as much as you do.

2. Body language

If you are done with the clothes part then you are already half-way on the body language point. This is critical. Did you know that only 7% of the communication message is actually verbal? 93 percent of the messages are about body language and tone of voice. This is why video chat works miracles on adult dating sites. Nothing speaks the truth as much as the body.

Improve your knowledge of this and I guarantee that you will get laid tonight.


3. Feelings and emotions

Don’t get alarmed by the “feelings” mention. For most guys this word signifies red alert as they associate emotions with long-term relationships and you are not here looking for that. Don’t get me wrong, but you must learn how to read some emotions for successful hookups. Many girls are not up for anything serious either, but if you want to find and seduce the right ones, when you are chatting over the bar asking for some drinks, start at least by hearing the tone of voice, watch for flirty eye glances and her laughing at your jokes so that you know if you are at the right place with the right woman to get laid tonight.

4. Physical contact

If I pick up the second most important factor for getting laid, then making the right physical contact must come to this position. Once you’ve established the three bits above, then you can start checking out for chances to touch her in a sophisticated way. To get laid tonight, don’t get too blunt right at the start. Save the sex passion for later. For starters, you need to hint that you want to touch her by slowly giving a pat on the back or stroking her shoulder. If she doesn’t move back, than you are good to go.

5. Sexual tension

This is the final step but it can be the most challenging one if you don’t want to blow up your chances to get laid tonight. Once you have developed all of the above, the connection is almost made and you just need to build upon the communication you have and make it stronger by maintaining frequency. The sex play now turns into a thing of the subconscious and you are not leaving the bar empty-handed.

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If you scored, the best you can do for your fellas is to share your wisdom on how you managed to get laid tonight.

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