How Selfies Changed How We Think About Sex

My dear ladies, this one is for you. Although I have a few tried and tested tricks up my sleeve that instantly raise my blood pressure when I am trying to find someone to fuck online, I thought hard and long before I picked one surefire way to help you date cool guys on online dating sites. The secret I am talking about is no space science and you are probably using it all the time. While I may ask you about advice for taking selfies, you may need to hear from someone like me to help you out in finding the right places for hooking up online by uploading your selfies.

I’ve heard a lot of nonsense about selfie taking. From the fact that it reflects narcissistic behavior to the fact that it is only of use to adolescent girls and teenagers looking for some attention, and to the one that says selfies are only good for people who don’t have anything better to do.


Why You Must Experience Selfies At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Albeit there is a grain of truth to some of the things above, I know for sure that the right image of a gorgeous babe is the key factor that helps me find fuck meetups online. And when I browse online dating profiles on dating sites, my eyes stick to a great looking hot and sexy pic.

Is there a better way to get laid with the right guy than by taking a pic of yourself by yourself? In the end, you are the person who knows your best features and knows how to take a top photo from the right angle. You know – the one you call your “better side”.

I know girls who are really shy but still try to find someone to get laid on adult dating websites. If you are one of those girls, putting a sexy selfie online will definitely attract the right attention. Hey, you know who gets the most likes on FB, right? Nothing beats a sexy selfie. Women open up Instagram accounts just for the purpose of taking a shot of their booty and enter a contest.

From what I’ve seen on Instagram, there are competitions with tags like #belfie or #sundaybumday that put girls into the craze to take a butt selfie on the mirror or capture their bum on camera each weekend like a sort of a ritual.

I know it works wonders and with the right skill you can achieve the same on online dating sites. Recognizing the power of an awesome selfie, some of the latest smartphones include stronger front cameras than the ones at the back. Even advertisers have confirmed the fact that selfies work miracles and that people do crazy things to capture a super-hot selfie.


Set Your Selfie Online Before You Regret

I guarantee that you can put a photo of you anywhere online, but if you don’t want to give it for free without meeting fun, handsome men for sex, you should check out my recommendations for adult dating sites that give preference to sexy selfies:

Local Milf Selfies

If you want to meet younger guys who love older women, then this is the place for you. The dating site is the best online hookup tool I have seen in awhile that helps you get laid in a matter of hours. The quality of young men is decent. I recommend that you take it slow until you see who is who. You will like the great and simple features and the fast photo uploads.

Selfie BBWS

You know the category for plus-sized ladies called BBW if you are a proud owner of gorgeous curves that make men drool all over you. I am sure that you have heard about your strengths and that you will know how to apply them on this site. Very welcoming and warm for big and beautiful ladies.  

Flirt Buddies

A relatively new site that takes is easy and is convenient for online dating when you don’t have that much experience. A nice design that will let you know that you are doing business with true pros offering a quick selfie gallery and sexting from the front page.   

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