The 5 Secrets About Online Affairs Only A Handful Of People Know

Lately, in the circles where I usually hang out for casual meetings, there is one conversation that keeps showing up and entertains the interest of many people that happen to be there. I am talking about online hookups on adult dating sites. Mainly, the people I’ve had a chance to talk about this subject passionately debate over the question if online affairs can be considered as cheating. Everyone throws in a bunch of arguments in favor of the pro and the con option, often putting me into questioning some of the things that I think about sex hookups. However, when the dust settles, almost everyone eagerly or silently agrees that there are many benefits to the world of adult dating, and that an online affair is, in many aspects, different than the classic cheating.


To be honest, new chances for online cheating crop up constantly, paving the way into the unknown territory even for those who would not be that blunt in real life affairs. The industry for people who want to find someone for getting laid online is growing and offers plenty of advantages over regular fuck meetups. Moreover, there are specialized adult dating tools that cater to the needs of married people. I for sure am not that surprised because I know that the means only provide the opportunity, and people are those that make it happen.  

When a third of the population is prone to online affairs, it is no wonder that new websites or applications thrive in the online world, making virtual hookups the new form of relating for sex. Almost half of the people I know think that online affairs are not the same as cheating. Although there are some that put it in the same basket, that number is unquestionably smaller. Below I am exploring the secret reasons why men and women decide to stay in partially monogamous relationships and test their needs for novelty, excitement and passion online.

1. An online affair can remain only as a virtual encounter.

It is much easier to keep the hookup lighter at the beginning, when there is no face-to-face meeting. Hooking up can be made over the screen and sex can happen at any given moment or location. This is why an increasing number of people are looking solely for virtual dates. An online video chatting room can be a fertile ground for letting your desires and wishes be freely expressed, in a way that can’t be done with the current partner. Safe and sexy at the same time.

2. It works in serious relationships.

Online affairs are a comfortable way to keep the relationship and the marriage going while exploring other options. Many people love this convenience and stay married while they join adult dating sites for casual encounters. Even if you share a living place, you can still find ways to send a few naughty texts or a sexy pic during the week. It helps keeping the fizz alive and most people don’t intend taking the affair further than that. Still, many take the next step and those are usually joining sites for getting laid in the old fashioned way.

3. Chatting is not cheating.

If you ask a group of people what is an affair, you will get as many answers as there are people in the group. Everyone defines infidelity differently. Most would agree that simple chatting cannot be considered as cheating. And if there is one tool that online dating sites have brought to a perfection, it must be chatting. You can spread your word via simple chat features or go for the more advanced video chatting, personal sexting or ultimate level specialized chatting apps that work on all devices. With so many possibilities for online affairs, it is no wonder people are looking for excitement in the virtual world. Why bother doing it the difficult way when a chatting application can do ti in a sec?

4. Online affairs provide anonymity.

If there is someone who doesn’t want to be disclosed when hooking up, it is a person who is married or in a long-term relationship. Online dating tools provide discreet opportunities for men and women who like to have wild sex and keep the marriage intact. If you are the type of person who wouldn’t want to risk being exposed, a virtual “affair” will keep the safety and provide the thrill of the new at the same time.

5. Women get free memberships.

This often neglected extra benefit of dating applications is not visible from the first moment. If you are a guy who is into online affairs you have probably never met with this “secret” option on dating websites that is, as a standard, only available to women. Even when men get free registration, the memberships for ladies provide extra benefits, usually to attract a wider female audience looking to get laid online. When there are more girls on an adult dating website, it is just as normal to expect that the number of opportunities for casual sex for men also skyrockets. Sometimes women compile the majority of the users as they find hooking up online to be much safer than meeting someone they don’t know for the first time in person.

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