FreeHookUpSearch Isn’t Free At All (Review)

ve been using so many dating sites lately I dont even know where to start. Given that its something I value and use daily, I knew it was only right for me to share not only the good but the bad too. Thats exactly why Im sharing what I know about index page

My Review of

There are far too many hook up sites out there that claim to be free just to rip you off. Just like FreeHookUpSearch. They tell you several times that you won’t have to pay for any of your access. The problem is that they still ask for your credit card information. That’s always a bad sign.  

There’s no reason that a company is going to need your credit card information unless they plan on charging you. Any other reason they give is a lie – IMHO. Please, don’t fall for it. It’s always the same story. In this case, you’re going to be charged a whole lot of money if you’re not paying attention.

They go out of their way to hide the fact that you’re going to be charged. If you don’t know what to look for, you’re going to fall victim to the scam. 

It’s In The Fine Print 

The scam happens on the last page of the sign up process. It’s intentionally hidden away. The text is tiny and it’s meant to be bypassed by the average consumer. If you look for it, you can find an offer that’s preselected for you. This offer not only upgrades your membership, but also signs you up for three different porn sites.

All of these charges are recurring and you’ll have to manually cancel them. That, too, is designed to be difficult. They want to get as much money out of you as possible and these subscriptions are going to run you over $100 a month. That’s a lot of money you weren’t planning on spending. 

They Still Use Fake Profiles 

After you go through all of that, you’re still going to be hit with fake profiles. Yes, they’re constantly sending you messages. It doesn’t take a whole lot to figure out they’re fake. All you have to do is a reverse image search on the profile pictures. You’re going to see right away that they’re all over the internet.

They make quite a few appearances on porn sites. The people in the profiles have no idea that their pictures are on a hook up site. The messages you’re getting are all from bots and nothing else. Using the site is a total waste of time and a lot of money. You’ll never be able to get any of it back if you fall for the scam.  

Conclusion: Stay Away From The FreeHookUpSearch Site

If you see this site in a search somewhere, ignore it. If you ever have to enter your credit card information on a site that claims to be free, walk away. You’re going to get scammed there, just like you’re getting scammed here. This website doesn’t deserve any of your time.

You’re not getting anything in return for it. You’ll end up losing a lot of money and you won’t have anything at all to show for it. There are better sites out there (hint) that actually give you something you want. 

If you’re still not completely satisfied with everything that you’ve read today, then I’m sorry. I speak the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. The good news is that you’ll find lots of websites listed on my homepage here (20 to be exact) and you’d be crazy not to dive into those sites given the success rates many consumers have had.

Do you need to join them all? Heck no! Just pick the few that really peak your interest and see how things go from there.