InstantHookups Review

Most people want things done for them. They want them done instantly too. Yes, they even want to hookup with someone within a matter of seconds. Okay, maybe not hookup but atleast facilitate the connection. Here on Top20A.D.S., I spend countless hours investigating and reporting my findings related to adult dating. That’s exactly what I’m doing below, only this site review is specifically covering the website and everything I know about it.

If you’re looking to meet someone for sex, then please, don’t just sign up for this service. You’ll want to read this, then take action to find local single women near you.

But first, do yourself a favor and read my review…

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My Review Of

I’ll cut to the chase and let the cat out of the bag here. This site is quite deceiving and I think you’ll understand why soon enough. They do things that I don’t necessarily agree with. Nevertheless, I’ve covered everything below and what I believe to be the ultimate review of Instant Hookups.

The “Free” Play has the ability to lure in unsuspecting customers because the entire site claims to be free. This is a twist on the typical dating site scam, but a little research shows that it’s all the same fraudulent behavior. First of all, this site is connected to a variety of very popular dating scam sites.

These sites survive because they work.

Instant hookups claims to be free but they want you to hand over your credit card information to verify your age. This is a dangerous business practice that no reputable business would ever utilize. Not only that, but you will find that nothing is in fact free.

Signing up will have your credit card charged for two different porn sites, totaling almost ninety dollars a month at a recurring rate. So much for free. This type of practice is the first of many signs that this site is a complete fraud.

Just Super Hot Girls? Mmmm, Righhhhhht?

For a free site, you should be suspicious that there are so many hot girls who are apparently members. Once you sign up, you’ll find that a dozen hot girls will show up in your inbox almost immediately.

All the messages are generic, and some of them are even identical. This lets you know that it is in fact a scam, and that these are computer generated messages.

Also, a basic reverse image search of the profile pictures on Instant Hookups gives the game away. Many of the pictures are not even from anonymous women, but from famous selfie instagram models and popular porn stars. The notion that these women would be on this dating site is laughable. But the reality is, once they get you to sign up with your card, that’s all they need. The rest of the site doesn’t have to make sense.

Messages, Messages, and More Messages

You will be getting these messages regardless if your profile is brand new or even completely empty. You will go to your email and find another dozen or so messages of these alleged hot girls who want to hook up with you.

This should immediately set off alarm bells for you. What place would have a collection of these hot girls that are so desperate to hook up that they message and email blank accounts? Nothing on this site can be trusted.

Fake Numbers

I cannot stand when companies put crazy stats out about their members. I just don’t buy this one at all. 27 millions dates? Come on! Fake Numbers

A Bad Scam

Despite its claim of being a different and interesting type of dating site, is actually a terribly designed scam site.

Nothing about it is on the up and up.

Any site claiming to get you to hot girls for free should have you running for the hills. It makes you wonder what they are getting out of having you on the site in the first place. The reality is, the free claim is just a way to ultimately charge you for pricey recurring fees.

These people are ruthless scammers because it works for them, and it’s on you to educate yourself about the ubiquity of this kind of places. For these reasons, it’s best to stay far away from this site, because there literally isn’t a single real profile on the entire thing.

Conclusion: Do Not Join

If you’re honestly still thinking of joining this site, then I’d like to suggest that you get your head checked. This site is not going to help you nor will the other sites that the parent company has pumped out over the years.