LoveSwans Review

Well, it’s time for me to cover another Russian dating site. I’ve covered a few of these in the past. Today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on While it’s a creative and innocent-sounding name, it’s not at all. This review pretty much covers everything you need to know before joining I’ve personally tested the network out to learn the ins and outs of things. Here’s what I know about it and why I believe it scams users…

LoveSwans Review – Only Tricks You

Sometimes it seems like having sex on the internet is the easiest thing that you can possibly do. There are tons of sites that you can use to talk to horny women and figure out a way to get together. These sites will have you believe that you only need to exist in order to have women swarm you for sex. That’s really not how it works in the real world.

You can hook up, but it takes some time and some work. You have to meet the right person and talk to them. is a site that wants you to think that it just takes a membership to their site to have all of the sex that you want. It focuses on Russian women who only want to be swept away by someone. Not a single thing that you see on this site is real.

Make An Empty Profile (Just Start It)

All you have to do to see it for yourself is to make a profile. Just don’t put any of your information on it. Leave as much of it blank as you can. Don’t upload a profile picture. It should look like a profile that you’d just pass over if you came across it. What’s going to happen is that you’re going to start getting a ton of messages.

There are going to be gorgeous women just begging to talk to you. It shouldn’t have to be stated that no woman would bother messaging a blank profile on a dating site. They’re already getting tons of messages from the guys on the site.

They don’t have to send their own out to people they can’t even see. The only reason you’re getting the messages is that every single one of them is fake. It’s all done to scam you out of your money.

You Have To Pay To Respond To Anyone

This site works on credits. You have to buy them and spend them to send your messages. Each and every message you send out will cost you something. That’s why so many women are trying to talk to you.

The site is sending you those messages so you pay them to respond to them. None of the profiles are real. They’re all created by the site to send you fake messages to get your money. That’s really all that there is to this site and it will never change.

Conclusion: Avoid At All Times

You don’t want to join for a single second. The site is just going to scam you. You won’t be talking to a single real person here. They just don’t exist here. It’s nothing but one giant scam from end to end. You don’t want to spend a single cent here. It will just be a total waste.

There are other sites (this list) out there that actually have real women on them. Try to find them rather using this site. It will work out a whole lot better for you.