XDating Review: Fake Profiles and Not Worth It IMO!

The XDating website is one that you’ll likely come across at one point or another if you’re hunting the web for casual sex networks. This report explains everything about this network and the reason why I stay away from it and why you should as well.

XDating.com Review

My Official XDating Site Review

XDating.com is one of those scam sites that reveals itself because it partners with nothing but other scam sites. Anybody who knows anything about dating sites know that it is not common for there to be partnership pairing of sites in this type of way. This is a red flag that there is fraud going on here. Xdating.com uses the same tired playbook of all dating sites.

They will do their best to appear like a legit dating site by offering common features like chats, match systems, and a curious option described as “meet and fuck” (kinda like InstaFuck) that immediately redirects you to other sites. This is the first among many clues that this site is dangerous and fraudulent.

Fraudulent Features Used to Lower Your Guard

What you have to understand is that options like meet and fuck, and even the live cam option, is completely unheard of on legit dating sites. They do their best to not appear like sex solicitation sites, and avoid things like live cams because they don’t want to be confused for porn. XDating is happy to do these things because they are not really selling a dating site.

The dating company simply wants you to hand over your credit card information no matter what. One of their biggest draws is the apparent live cam option, but the reality is that these are prerecorded videos. They want you to get stuck messaging these girls and having you think they are really on the site. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Often these clips are stolen from other places on the internet and these women have no idea that their content is being used on this site to suck in possible members.

A Con In Every Possible Way

It’s easy to see that the site is a scam because of how quickly you are hit with messages once you sign up. Literally the moment you complete the free membership, you will get a variety of notifications.

You will find multiple private messages of girls who claim they want to hook up, and your email inbox will be filled with other women saying they want to hang out as soon as possible. All of this is an elaborate ruse. You don’t have to have a picture up or fill out a single section in your profile to receive these messages.

How is it possible that all these hot women want a piece of you when you profile is literally blank?

It’s because none of the women are real and the entire thing is a scam to force you to upgrade your membership. The only way to read or respond to these messages is to go to a paid membership. These type of scam sites will do anything to get your credit card information.

They don’t even bother to get legit photos to fill up their profiles. Literally, every picture on the site is stolen from somewhere else. Some of these pictures are of real cam girls or amateur porn stars. Other photos are ripped straight off social media sites.

Conclusion: XDating is A Notorious Scam site

The Xdating site will admit to these fraudulent practices right in their terms and conditions. That’s how they get away with it. They admit that many of the profiles on the site are generated by the staff. Also, they admit that they only exist to spur promotion and interaction on the site.

They clearly admit that notifications and messages you receive are not necessarily coming from real people. Sites like this may do more with your credit card information than just run up charges for membership. Xdating.com has been out here for years because their model works and makes them money. You should avoid xdating.com at all costs and be sure to stay away from any site that partners with them.

What Works Then?

That’s a great question! If you’re looking for something that works, then open your eyes. I’ve explained what works best all over my site. Head back to my homepage and you’ll find out what I’m talking about.